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petallides is covering the sell-off. nicole: we have seen all 30 dow components in the red. banc of america, the financials, the energy stocks, everything related to the current administration selling of. bank of america down 5%. the dow jones industrials are down 300 points and with that move, the sell-off, traders i have been speaking with see a further downside potential for these major averages. no one save in the ninth pullback, that is not the sentiment on wall street. they're seeing more selling below the 1400 mark on the s&p. a quick look at coal stocks. one of many sectors being affected with the election in place and you see names like peabody selling off. >> we talked about apple and google, not the stock about the products, the newest phone is equipped with wireless charging technology but walt mossburg comes on every week to talk about that as a new review of that and he will give it to you now. the net good thing he is here, walt mossburg of the wall street journal. you don't love it. >> good morning. this says romney won. >> he delivered it pretty well actually. >> i question
. better news from j. p. morgan adding an upgrade for bank of america, a split decision when you look at the group and an otherwise very weak movement and depressing sentiment across the board. melissa: banks are shaking in their boots because massachusetts's newest senator, elizabeth warren impact your portfolio. get ready for that one. you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank. melissa: 20 minutes past the hour. this is your fox news minute. going on right now gabrielle giffords's husband mark callie is speaking directly to jerrod laffner saying every day in her life is a struggle. the 24-year-old responsible for the shooting rampage that wounded the former congresswoman and a six debt and 13 wounded pled guilty under a plea
and windows chief steve singofski. 23 america south veteran coming. let's take a look at some movers in today's session, the doubt 33. some as the movers, southwestern energy, 6.7% gain, western union, all topping 3%. lori: quiet day for the markets but let's check to see what stocks are up to. let's head to the floor of the new york stock exchange with nicole petallides. bank ceos are talking fiscal cliff. nicole, are you there for us? she is busy studying for the next report. let's get you updated on the markets. the dow is at 12,847 meeting in washington that charlie was talking about. melissa: that's right. about a quarter of a percent there on the markets. so after a 23 year career with microsoft, windows chief abruptly quicks only two weeks after the windows 8 launch. joining me with more an analyst on his sudden departure. did this one catch you by surprise? >> sure. whenever you see a departure of that senority that magnitude, particularly after launch of some important products which he was in charge of, yeah, i think that is fairly significant news. melissa: there was a whole suite
will list noted that here in america one reason you see the cash coming to u.s. equities. but undeniably a great day. up 1% and remain there. some of the leaders include names like hewlett-packard's , united technologies, travelers, boe ing, alcoa. financials. a lot of discussion politically they're talking leaks and who is better for the market's there is conversation going on but you can take the up arrow. lori: en bereday is halfway through in florida fell line is not winding down. look of this polling site is consistently has more than 200 people of course they say it is taking hours as floridians of line up melissa francis is there. what is the take away? >> this interesting. we are an tampa, a hillsborough county. it is slow and steady. it forced officials to go to the absentee voting and% absentee? it got the job done 38% came and voted ahead of everybody else. they are getting hammered with advertisement the entire commercial block every single one. the stations must be making a killing. but they like the attention. >> not until ohio we had a good for a while it will still be clo
today, this constant calls to lose their money. buy savings bonds. the consumer federation of america showed more than one out of five americans think the most practical way to build wealth is to play the lottery. this is the american dream. connell: 175 million or some idiotic number in terms of what your odds are of winning. come on. >> this is not about if the staff at fox business has a pool, this is not a social game. people paying hundreds of dollars on the tickets. state lottery makes 80% of their money. connell: the alternative, finish your point, the alternative to this is what? people say the lottery is there to raise money for education and other things, which we need to raise the money, the alternative you think is what? >> the alternative is a government based on real prosperity and fair taxation across the board. there's a reason why states have the higher taxes, worst budget deficits, increased personal debt. we have to look at the issue of the gamut. it represents this powerball jackpot really embodies how out-of-control it has become. connell: thank you for coming on
of america's biggest business leaders. connell: the death toll climbing in the middle east. the standoff capturing the interest of the markets and world leaders. dagen: the cost of fuel going down for drivers during this holiday week. thank you for stifling me, mr. mcshane. do not speak. do not say a word. connell: i know what is in that weird mind of yours. nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange now. nicole: the dow jones industrials up 157 points this monday morning. after seven of the last trading weeks, we are down. if we sold off a little bit more, that would be a buying area. we will see whether there is more interest in this market. they are always up aeros. we are also seeing intel. he would retire in may. the board will of both internally and externally. he has been with the company for almost 40 years. it has been hard for a lot of these tech companies. demand has been week. they hit a new 52 week low, but now they have an up arrow. connell: we will shift over to the debt crisis. president obama reached out and spoke to some. name ceos try to avoid going
. the credit union national association of consumer federation of america said retail can expect a better holiday than last year, though not much better. >> our basic result is more optimistic than last year, the strongest results in the last four years, however still does not suggest a booming holiday season, but a continued improvement from the last few years. speak of a state college spending to increase from three and a half to 4% over 2011. the numbers behind that, they will spend less than last year. analysts say plenty of shoppers say they will spend less and never do. 12% admit they will spend more than last year, four percentage point increase, and some of the survey holiday tips make the list, compare online and start saving even for next year. melissa: they will start saving for next year right after they spend less versus last year. it is all hopeful. thank you so much. consumer sentiment stolen last month coming in a touch above the 82.6 following a month of big gains in missing wall street expectations. it's a reality of the fiscal cliff starting to set in? ubf economist joi
have also seen bank of america a real leader on the dow jones industrial. getting an upgrade. but take a look at the other financials as well on a day when the fear index is to the downside, the dollar is weaker. also getting the opportunity for equities and commodities to take off. i look at bank of america. $9.43 per share, up over 3%. you can see citigroup up over 3%. all of these financials without arrows, guys. a great day on wall street if you're bullish and long on this market. lori: about time. melissa: president obama congressional leaders came out of the meeting with positive comments. calling business leaders in hopes of drumming up additional support. rich edson with the latest on that. >> one potential this solution would be towed forward to next year to ensure congress acted, to feature benchmarks and penalties, those penalties would be automatic revenue increases and spending cuts. sounds a lot like those in the . a second sequester grabbing traction. while on air force one, president obama called a handful of ceos including warren buffett, tim cook and david diamond and
in research and technology and clean energy, which will attract new companies and high wage jobs to america. we plan to put folks back to work including our veterans. rebuilding our roads and bridges and infrastructure. they plan to reduce our deficit for a balanced and responsible way. our work is made that much more urgent because at the end of this year we face a series of deadlines requiring us to make major decisions about how to pay our deficit down. decisions that will have a huge impact on the economy and middle-class both now and in the future. last year i worked with democrats and republicans to cut a trillion dollars worth of spending that we just couldn't afford. i intend to work with both parties to do more. that includes to make reform that will bring down the cost of healthealth care so we can stren programs like medicaid and medicare for the long haul. but as i have said before, we can't just cut our way to prosperity. we are serious about reducing the deficit. we have to combine spending cuts with revenue. that means asking the wealthiest americans to pay a little more in t
there will be an investment in infrastructure in america. the biggest them is the economy and ability to sustain a lifestyle and responsibilities we have not only locally but globally. we have to keep this economy which is fragile moving forward and we got to do it by continuing to produce jobs and if you have a major economic disruption like the class people are not going to make investments but decisions and worry about the instability of what is going to happen next and that will affect all. connell: banging around on capitol hill, lawmakers, when you get a sit-down, not just you the number of mayors, and there with the vice president, what is the one point you want to make? >> will one point we want to make, they ought to be part of the solution. we are putting money every day, for an example passing statewide, with 58% of the vote the bill rose in the local community. the things we believe in and we know will help children and grandchildren in having an economic future. and they know we are out and part of it. connell: the mayor of north little rock, arkansas. >> give us jobs or give me problems. dagen
of these issues or burdens. that means 20% more expensive built in america than france or canada or mexico. so what happens is we are losing jobs. i export to 36 countries. my employees make a living because of our expprt markets. if we could lower that 20% burden down, i will win more jobs, hire more locals and that'lthatwill happen all over . making us more competitive. the $1.6 trillion is leveled on the job creators of america, what happens is we are less competitive so we cannot hire locals. dennis: you delay the purchase of $400,000 welder machine a cause of uncertainty but now that you have a certainty, let me give by the welder? >> we are on pause. we need to see how things settle out. we very much want a very good resolution. the debt to be reduced over time, not they're they have $50,000 burden and they never work. $10,000 each against china, it is nottright. we have to fix the deficit and start cutting, and make this happen very fast so they will not invest and be more competitive. dennis: thank you for being with us. >> next guest says a short-term deal will not be enough for the m
comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing generations of cleaner-burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self-contained well systems. and, using state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices hp ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment. we're america's natural gas. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list at the winter event going onow -- but hurry, the offer ends soon. dagen: we have a triple digit rally on our hands. we are getting to that time every hour because every 15 minutes it is stocks now. we are close enough, nicole petallides. nicole: i ain't going, no, no. you have ford down 1.5%. we have gotten a lot of news on ford, as well. they did name the chief operating officer. they said it is too early to predict the impact of sandy on the november u.s. auto sales. we do not want to speculate too much on that. we continue to have all of ar
larger than the size of ohio. ohio seems to keep being imported and everything in america history. ohio, ohio, ohio. [ laughter ] with the dry spell came, it was left to blow. ships were covered with dirt. in one day, not just a handful of storms, hundreds of storms. more dirt was moved in a 24 hour period in the ten years it took to excavate the panama canal. there were kids and teenagers at that time that are now in the late 80s or 90s. what they tell is not just a story of environmental degradation, it is a baroque perseverance. trying to keep their farms. a mile and a half height: 250 miles wide, a building mountain range that was killing not only their crop and kids, and their cattle. that is terrifying. connell: it appears this weekend. dagen: watch it. can, come back soon. tax the rich. president obama beginning his meetings with a friendly office of labor leaders right now at the office. connell: markets now continue in moments. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him twongs -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't kn
south america to show the strongest demand in 2013. let's take a look at the dow jones industrial. up 21 points. so far, we still have a winning week on wall street. we will see if this is our winning week. back to you. connell: thank you very much. dagen: there is no way around it. if congress cannot get its act together on the fiscal cliff, taxes for the vast americans will go out. 90% of households in this country will pay higher taxes if the u.s. goes off that cliff. with low income families among the hardest hit. connell: charlie wrangle, congressman from new york, he is here in studio with us. >> we have to get a deal done. it would be irresponsible for congress to go forward. most people do not know that the break that they are getting is temporary. it expires december 31. do nothing and the rates automatically go up. what about the severe cuts that we will have in the budget. this is a nightmare that we created that never should have happened. now it is on the brink of happening. in my opinion, will it happen, no. we have the option to do something justice and responsible. that i
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had a recognition that every person in america knows that we must reach agreement. the speaker spoke about a framework going into next year. i was focusing on the message of confidence to consumers, the market in the short run too. that is to say that we should have a bowl in terms of how mldh deficit reduction and the deadline to reach our solution. if we do not reach agreement not only will we miss the opportunity to do something good for the economy and lifting spirits in confidence in our country, we will have an economic downturn that must be avoided. we understand our responsibility, it has to be about cuts and revenue, has to be about what has to be about. if we have investments and talk about revenue, we have to do so in a way that for most growth in the future. it was good. i feel confident a solution might be in sight. >> i can only echo the observation of the leaders that it was a constructive meeting and we all understand where we all are. i can san on the part of my members, understand that you can't save the country until you have entitlement programs fit the demographi
and nevada. >> america can do better. we do not have to say that 8% unemployment is okay. what will make the difference in fact it will be small business hiring people. we have to get rid of obamacare. we have to take the regulatory harassment off the small business people of this country. i talked to so many of them this weekend. business people are pumped up and ready for a change. they want to hire people, but they will not if they see the fines and taxes of obamacare, if they see the harassment of our regulatory these. it is like the regulatory agencies in this administration are antibusiness. who do they think will make this economy go up but small business hiring people. that is the message. i hope people think about whether we need no change at all business as usual or is this the time to change the course of this country. cheryl: senator kay bailey hutchison, it was great to have you on today. thank you. >> thank you, cheryl. dennis: stocks now and every 15 minutes. nicole: we have breaking news. news corporation in part owns hulu. some content will begin to appear on hulu plus.
you, gerry. good stuff. >> thank you very much. ashley: coming up stunning new numbers where america's tax burden hits the hardest. liz macdonald will be here next with that story. tracy: ashley mentioned it earlier, drought conditions turning worse around the country. how will it impact your grocerisy bill if it isn't high enough? as we do every time this time of day see how oil is trading. up slightly. $88.91 a barrel. we'll be right back tracy: so president obama continuing to push tax hikes on the rich as part of the big fiscal cliff deal but will raising taxes on the wealthy actually help the government in covering its debts? i'm thinking not. liz macdonald is here with her bottom line. >> take a wild guess. if you raise rate on two top brackets how much does it bring in? it brings in '82 billion. guess how much in terms of government spending in term of time frame it covers, a month, a year? ashley: five minutes? >> pretty close, ashley. look at this. ashley: what is it? >> covers 1 1/2 weeks of government spending at current rates. ashley: that's it. >> when we talk about the
in america vote our pocketbook and our pocketbook feel as little better with stocks being up 15%. tracy: i guess. i don't know, maybe that is the rationale for yesterday. brian bell city, thanks so much for bmo capital markets. lori: you can not credit the president with the market rally. tracy: ben bernanke. lori: your policy, wealth effect drove people to riskier assets and higher return equity markets. for the administration to take credit for it, brian's point, got to raise that issue. tracy: glad followed up with ben bernanke thank you party. lori: looks like at least he will keep his job for the time-being. we'll have much more market selloff, what is driving it, behind it, the dow down 252. about 100 points off the worst levels session. next how gold is trading with this economic fear. tracy: people in new york and new jersey having to flee their homes the second time in two weeks. we have another storm bearing down. the latest forecast we'll have ahead. first as we do every day at this time of day, look how oil is trading as we head out to break. wow, phil flynn mentioned earlier,
are in the green, names like hewlett-packard and caterpillar and bank of america and united healthcare doing well. the fiscal cliff headline after headline continues to be in the forefront and on everybody's mind that this is what we are seeing, a decent market and the u.s. dollar being weaker today has been a factor in the strength we are seeing as well. connell: treasury secretary tim geithner meeting with congressional leaders and doing so as we speak. dagen: peter barnes live from capitol hill. peter: treasury secretary tim geithner arriving at our or so ago to hold meetings with top congressional leaders. senate democratic leader harry reid, now he is meeting with house speaker john boehner, that meeting just getting underway, after that meeting with senate republican leader mitch mcconnell and house democratic leader nancy pelosi and with the president and republicans on raising taxes republicans are trying to shift the focus to spending cuts and entitlement reform. >> i hope when tim geithner comes to capitol hill that he will put forward something concrete. so far all we got out of the ad
something like the build america bonds where that interest will be taxed? >> i don't believe so. if you go back and look at what president obama has done during his first administration and how that has affected municipal bonds, i believe that he is sensitive to the need of state and local governments and this is where infrastructure in the united states has been financed for more than 100 years. tracy: yeah. >> and there's certain amount of reciprocity between the states and the federal government in terms of not taxing each other's bonds. so if you look at the american reinvestment recovery act, for example, early 2009, that funded -- that was when municipal finance was impaired to some degree, municipal state and local governments were in trouble, and he funded over 220 billion dollars in state and local government fiscal relief and created the build america bond program. so i think the white house and the democrats are pushing more for a higher tax rate than they are making municipal bonds -- tracy: right for changing the taxbility on the bonds. let's talk about this. so many of them a
. they are moving america and the middle class is so critical into more and more government dependency so they look at this and think this is a success. connell: i think you will see more simpson-bowls. >> what he will announce, no longer the millionaire cut off, we will be raising taxes on anybody who makes $200,000 or more. lowering the bar and moving further to the left. connell: this is a big deal for the markets as well. it could be bad news for stocks which have already had a rough week. s&p putting out investment saying there's a 50% chance the u.s. goes over this cliff. enough to shake up the market, if that is what people are estimating. but chief investment strategist. up a little bit today. this whole idea of mixing politics and economics in the market and everything else, you have to try to put odds on this if you're an investor. are they going to come up with a deal. you think it is about right, or higher or lower than that? >> i think this is the problem. investors used to handicapping the economy, stocks, margins, it is very hard to second-guess what the people in washington are goin
's more supply many america and that'll take care of the deficit too, and if obama continues ongoing after the solo stuff and stuff, the oil business makes a top of money. >> what's the status of the gas crisis in the northeast in wake of hurricane sandy? >> it's temporary because of the lack of the power. some of the terminals were affected. >> resolving now? there's long gas lines. >> yes, it's solving. every day is better than yesterday, and i believe that over the next days it will be solved. >> your refining business, and we were far inland supplying most of the petroleum needs between buffalo and pittsburgh. that area is normal. >> are you seeing increasedded demands from gas stations here who can't get supply from the normal area? >> yes, we had a lot of requests and fill them whenever we can of shipping additional product to the east coast, east coast. >> are you seeing prices go up because of the additional demand? a little of price increase based on supply and demand, and don't forget, transportation. if you sell a truckload across the street from the refinery, that's one price.
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. bank of america, for example, the banking index is doing well. names like microsoft and hewlett-packard are still weighing on the dow. those are tech stocks weighing on the dow. i want to look at a couple of dow components. though they have turned into the green, it's a big picture story for both caterpillar and johnson & johnson. so let's start off with caterpillar. jpmorgan cut caterpillar today to neutral from overweight and the new price target have 90 bucks, from 109. the thing to note, to put it into context, jpmorgan had an overweight on caterpillar since way back in 2009. they say lower spending from mining companies and the outcome of the election are reasons for this downgrade. johnson & johnson, well jeffreys cut it to a hold from a buy and price target to 70 bucks from 78. lori: thank you, nicole as always. this weeks marks the final push of third quarter earnings season. a flurry of negative guidance for the fourth quarter is raising concerns about economic growth, more concerns. joining me is christine short, senior manager of global markets intelligence for. chris
here. they are trying to move along. jpmorgan was in the red earlier today. bank of america. some of the financials are still in the red. citigroup, goldman sachs, case-by-case. it is not a blanket of of arrows across the board. it still remains. it is something they have to contend with sooner than later. melissa: breaking news right now. the fire is now out at the offshore oil platform. that is in the gulf of mexico. there was an explosion just after 9:00 a.m. eastern. it was about 20 miles off the coast of louisiana. at this time, the coast guard, look at that, the coast guard cannot confirm any deaths. two people are missing and nine people have been flown to local hospitals. we will bring you the very latest just as soon as we learn it. lori: bp is so fresh in everyone's memory still. president obama meeting with congressional leaders. it is all we are talking about these days. the fiscal cliff. rich edson joins us from the white house now. rich: they are not offering very many specifics this early on. we do have a ways to go. john boehner did offer framework. the framework w
it a go. microsoft, at&t, verizon and bank of america are dropping 1% each. let's take a look at a name that is a clear winner. that is facebook. getting an upgrade today. even though it is down about 25% over the last 26 weeks, the last three months have been a nice run. back to you. connell: thank you. dagen: time to make some money with charles payne. connell: charles, we are waiting to make a little bit of money. charles is heated up about all the issues today. charles: i like this company verifone. you have seen it. nevertheless, this was a hot stock for a long time. recently, it has been derailed. they fell asleep at the wheel. this is one of the lumbering giant that did get caught a little flat footed. dagen: or like we like to say, with its pants down. connell: or like you like to say. charles: [ laughter ] i think they will rebound. they have a base of 23 million users. this tree will say, okay, you know what, they will become a real competitor and realplayer. connell: he agrees 100% with warren buffett. charles: he is moving in the right direction. at least the move from $250,
in america. therefore everybody feels this pain. lori: so a gradual reduction of the benefit? what about the length of loans? do you think that people should be more encouraged to get -- >> short-term mortgages. 30% of americans right now refinancing are taking a 15 year or 20-year loan. this serves as getting rid of the mortgage interest deduction for a lot of these people. the reason being is the more you pay down your principle, the less interests you pay, the less you write off. people don't like to be told what they have to do. so going to shorter-term mortgages is definitely a solution that will speed this process up. that's why it is really important that we keep mortgage rates low for the next two or three years but more importantly on the harp loans. home affordability refinance, program, lori, every loan that is a harp loan should be required to be shortened the term to 15 or to years. lori: i'm concerned about the politics. what is the likelihood that the wealthy americans, republicans representing them, okay, would say it is easier to digest this, you know, higher tax rate or
-end. what does lou dobbs think? melissa: corporate america racing to get ahead of the cliff with wall street funds to help your wallet. melissa: time for stocks ahead to the floor of the new york stock exchange with nicole petallides confidence hitting the post recession peak but traders are not buying it? >> >> of its numbers result of the market moved higher the dow moving into the green but now was sells off continuing the trend. we're doing much of the same we're under pressure with dow jones industrial average but also of the nasdaq has some of perot's. the confidence numbers of the highest levels since february 2008 also case-schiller shows the total order for durable goods is unchanged. we have a deal on wall street and some upgrades so there are bits and pieces and many are rushing to get ahead of the fiscal cliff. lori: with the potential tax increase with dividends companies to try to get a job and are paying dividends early before jittery first. joined the is seen him from s&p capital investment strategist. i know you just put out your outlook for the 12 month target? we are just
america has lots of cash. companies are in good shape. valuations are not particularly stressed but they're worried about the economy. they're worried about washington. there was a lot of commentary about the fiscal cliff, political dysfunction. big picture things. lori: some other particular stocks you mentioned i keyed into apple. that fell into the favor stocks for next six months and most overvalued stocks. maybe this goes to your earlier point, it is good to have buyers and sellers. >> there is a lot of action about apple both ways. the again the stock run up tremendously, on price earnings basis it is not expensive. same with quite a few stocks. there are lots of passions on both sides. melissa: probably helpful to the audience they were unified in condemnation of the utilities industry. that was the sector they loved to hate the most, right? >> they love them when the lights come on where i live. melissa: right. >> interest rates are the issue there and utilities tend to track rates. rates are very low. with the utilities you're not getting much growth other than nice dividends. l
exemplify what america's all about. i am grateful to the red cross who has been so responsive, not just here, but, in disasters around the country. i want to thank all the volunteers. as we were shaking hands over there, we had folks from every part of the country. we had canadians who had come down to help out and, you know, during difficult times like this, we're reminded that we're bound together and we have to look out for each other and a lot of things that seem important, the petty differences, melt away and we focus on what binds us together. we as americans are going to stand with each other in our hour of need. now, more specifically we're now still in the process of recovery. as you can see as you travel around parts of staten island, as we flew over parts of, other parts of the city and the region that had been impacted there's still a lot of cleanup to do. people still need emergency help. they still need heat. they still need power. they still need food. they still need shelter. kids are still trying to figure out where they're going to go to school. so there's a lot of short-te
: the and for the twinkie. a union strike stopping production for one of america's most famous streets, possibly forever. the next treasury secretary. what the relationship to the president will be with wall street in the second term. all of that is coming up on markets now. one of the markets just under $86 for a barrel of crude oil. ♪ fromurrency trading for a few to a currency market for everyone. the potential of fxcm unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. the potential of yelp unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potentia well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and my daughter loves the santa. oh, ah sir. that is a customer. let's not tell mom. [ male announcer ] bak from the holiday stress. fedex office. >> announcer: you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity and turn your life upside down. >> hi. >> hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> you just read my mind. >> announcer: just one little piece ofnformation and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money and ruining your reputa
's of some of america's largest companies. and i will meet with leaders of both parties of congress before the week is out. because, there is only one way to solve these challenges. that is to do it together. as i have said before, i'm open to compromise and i'm open to new ideas. and i've been encouraged over the past week to hear republican after republican agree on the need for more revenue from the wealthiest americans as part of our arithmetic if we're going to be serious about reducing the deffcit because when it comes to taxes there are two pathways available. option one, if congress fails to act by the end of this year, everybody's taxes will automatically go up, including the 98% of americans who make less than $250,000 a year. and the 97% of small businesses who earn less than $250,000 a year. that doesn't make sense. our economy can't afford that right now. certainly no middle class family can afford that right now. and nobody in either party says they want it to happen. the other option is to pass a law right now that would prevent any tax hike whatsoever on the first $250,000
of this or the romney rally? some of the names leading that dow jones industrial average jpmorgan, bank of america, caterpillar, united technologies, microsoft, hew lett-packard. the vix index to the downside whichever way you vote today be happy you have global market -- abell market. cheryl: now down 150 points small-business awaiting on offense to begin hiring but when ceo says hiring depends entirely on who is elected that truly matters? >> if i need to replace somebody i will higher now but to grow the business i want to jump in with the fall -- with the fear of the regulations and taxes. cheryl: so vomited is reelected you will not higher? >> by still have the uncertainty with regulations , until i know that i don't want to invest money into people and tell i know the horizon. that is right. cheryl: what about governor romney? >> i afield comfortable we have a chance for growth. i think we will accelerate this our medicine to take. we have the fiscal cliff but the long term vision will be better. people will invest more money now than later. cheryl: is seems businesses all have anxiety. main
america in the united states the majority of half a million customers have never experienced water disruption. joining me now, aqua water chairman and ceo. a trying time for many up and down the coast, but why do you think we'r we are still having concerns about water? you say we should not be that concerned. >> it is obviously essential for life, electricity is terrible but without power for a couple of days you cannot survive. therefore flood proofed our supplies, the advanced warning of the storm and we are lucky because our areas did not get devastated but got hit with a sandstorm. cheryl: your business has pulled away from a particular area hit. how would you be advising people right now, your employees, residents as far as water goes? >> the purity of the water is crucial, can always borrow to make it more peer if you need your gas supply and/or electric supply to do that. there's not much you can do the whole system becomes contaminated sea have to have preparations prior to the storm to prevent massive pollution of your water source. cheryl: a lot of breaking news, thank yo
in america who have not decided who they're going to vote for, i think it is probably neutral. melissa: it is not good for the president that number would go from 7.827.9, yet it is still below eight but a lot of people thought as the magic number. our greenroom pointed out to us it was actually 7.5% when jimmy carter was taking on ronald reagan who was even lower than, which i was surprised about. you can go any which way, but as you said, are there really that many people who are going to get swayed at this stage? >> probably not. you can argue obama's handling of the hurricane earlier in the week might have moved the needle a little bit toward him. embraced by chris christie might have helped a little, but we are down to so few undecided voters i think opinions are pretty much hardened. melissa: what do you think about what happened with chris christie? are you cynical enough to think there was something political behind this? what do you think happened? you have to wonder to a certain extent. >> people in the northeast are so traumatized by what happened politics are truly secondar
. president obama, asking america to rise up and tweet. he held a new hash tag on twitter, my2k, as in it is my $2000. now it has become a thriving platform for trashing the obama plans. they've even acquire sponsorship rights, so that when people search the hash tag we see paid heritage messages opposing the obama tax hikes. an hour ago i searched my2k, the president got sandwiched between two foes. president obama himself had a second slot, call your members of congress, write them an e-mail, use the hash takes my2k. but then his archrival, john bennett and house speaker linking to video and saying it is not a balanced approach without spending cuts. also aspiring jeers like these. why didn't you start a hash tag for benghazi? and there is this one. i support paying my fair share, oppose paying your share as well. and how about you submit a budget that balances without tax increases, cut spending, reduce government. it is a nice idea, guys, it ain't going to happen. ashley: he has the voices and everything. tracy: a quarter on till, stocks as we do every 15 minutes, nicole pet
a choppy year, though. >> yes. north america has been the strongest of our market this year. jeff: it gives people what you call sort of intelligence where they can sort of see into the future. >> yes. it is all around how we help increase visibility into our customers operation. jeff: if you are trying to buy a dress and the macy's does not have the address you want, you can find it in another store. >> how to improve the shopping experience and how to make it more efficient. jeff: growing from a company that used to do all the little pronounce tune out this brand-new technology. it is everywhere. when the police officer writes you a ticket, it prints out on one of these machines. in the hospital, they scan everything. dagen: it does not matter. jeff: she is a two, isn't she? connell: you started with six. you should have seen the look on her face. jeff flock. the one and only. dagen: i should stifle this very moment. connell: people are watching lawmakers. they are looking for the debt problems. dagen: does it make you a winner or not? if you need some winners, here are some on the s&p to
people. this is how america will get out of the recession. [talking over each other] >> we thank you for being with us. congratulations on your visit to the white house. cheryl: in the last few moments we did see the dow turn positive and once again going into negative territory. all of this as worried about the fiscal cliff and europe. our next guest says if there's not a fiscal cliff solution we may get a replay of 2009. this happen to the market in 2009. remember this? james lebenthol, president of asset management joins me now i use a markets if we don't get a deal, where the chances we don't have one? market could jump 5% to 10%. >> this is easily the comparison that can be made and the is reminiscent of when t.a.r.p. was first turned down in fall of 2008 and the markets fell lot of bed and a few days later we talked about at the time, congress enacted. it is something fax palatka any political will to come together and solve this will really dramatically impact -- cheryl: yet something about the markets for 2013 that is disconcerting, you're talking the second half of 2013. mar
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